In 2011 Chris and his father were invited out to Bonneville in support of a friend Lynn Goodfellow who heads up the "Mormon Missile" Team. Once they arrived, and experienced what it was like to be there, they we're hooked. All they could talk about on the way home was how they we're going to get back there. Not just go back, but go back and RACE! After getting a rulebook and going through it, Chris found a class that one of his current street bike projects would fit right into.

After a year of bulding, setup, and prep things were coming together. The week leading up to Bonneville 2012 was chaotic; bike was completed on Tuesday, Dyno'ed on Wednesday, loaded up on Thursday(while Chris had to go to work!), and then driven to Utah on Friday. He got the bike tech inspected and was able to run on Sunday.

Chris went to Bonneville in search of something he'd been dreaming about, a land speed record. It was his first time there, and a steep learning curve ensued. It's a tall order running a procharger on a big twin and getting it tuned properly, let alone dialed in for the "adjusted" altitude of the salt flats. This turned out to be his biggest hurdle. Multiple passes, having no software to log data, and the bike just wasnt running right. He had a best pass of 144MPH which in his eyes was a failure. He didnt even get it out of 4th gear! Because the class he ran was technically "Open" he did set a record with that speed. But unsatisfied with his passes he pulled it out of impound resulting in no record set. In hindsight, it was a hasty move, because in Chris' own words "A Records a Record".

He left bound and determined to come back prepared, and ready to go 200+ MPH the next time around.

Last year he took a hiatus from Bonneville to welcome his second child. For 2014 things are on track and he has enlisted the help of Wink Eller. Wink holds 40+ land speed records and is donating his knowledge and passing it on to Chris in hopes that he can set records in three different classes this season.

Classes being run in 2014

- APS-PBG  (A=Unlimited Race Bike, PS=Partial Streamliner, P=Pushrod, B=Blown, G=Gas)

- A-PBG (Non Streamliner, Gas)

- A-PBF (Non Streamliner, Fuel)